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Note to Author: This is not the 50s

Good Girls Don't - Victoria Dahl

My main problem with Good Girls Don't is that the conflicts are based in social mores that are not relevant in 21st century America. Who cares if an adult single woman is pregnant? What kind of brothers 'warn' away a guy from their 27 year old sister? These things would have made sense in the 50s or in a country with very conservative values but not in today's setting.

I also didn't care for the heroine at all. She has this idea that they were a close knit family but she's constantly lying to her brothers, running interference like they were 10-year olds. I only finished it because I wanted to get to the part when the heroine realized what a dope she was.

Lauren Fortgang did an OK job with the narration but I didn't care for the voice of the hero. He was so soft-spoken that he sounded weak at times - not at all like he was described in the book.

Not sure if I'll continue the series in audio...maybe in print because I'm more interested in the brothers.