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I tip my hat to you, Mrs. Christie!

Death in the Clouds - Agatha Christie

If you have read any Agatha Christie, you know that at some point the famous "untraceable poison from the South American Indians" will pop up. This is something that a clueless character usually mentions in cases of unexplained deaths and which Poirot always derides. So when I realized that the death in this book involved an exotic poison and a blowpipe, I almost died laughing. Ms. Christie is so inventive that she's not afraid to create a plot out of an idea she's ridiculed non-stop in like 10 books.

Ms. Christie also continues her murders in modes of transportation. After having two books set in trains, she chose a plane for this one. This is set at the beginning of air travel, so you will find a description of the plane ride very interesting and not very different than it is currently today.

This is also the first time in which Ms. Christie introduces a mystery writer and an archeologist as part of the cast in this series. Characters with these professions will surface several times in the rest of the Poirot books, as Ms. Christie had first class knowledge of both (this book was written after Ms. Christie's second marriage to an archeologist.)

As I've been noticing in these re-reads, it's clear by something that Poirot said in this book that the plot of Curtain:Poirot's Last Case was already on Ms. Christie's mind.

Excellent book in the series...I'll probably take a break for a while (I've listened to several of these books almost back to back) and I want the re-read to last me at least another year!