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Don't understand all the fuss

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Simon Vance, Stieg Larsson

Good mystery but except for the author's accurate commentary on the role of finance journalists, I'm not sure I get what the fuss is all about. The mystery was good but somewhat predictable if you pay attention to those tidbits regarding violence to women, the characters were unlikeable and a lot of the action was gritty and a bit seedy. I got the impression that the author was going more for shock value than anything else.

Nothing that was discovered in the Blomkvist investigation surprised me. As soon as he talked to the old Police Officer, I got a pretty good idea of what was going on. And at the end I didn’t like the way the Vanger issue was resolved. Story-wise, I understand the necessity of it – after all, Blomkvist needed to be able to move on with the other stuff he needed to do but it left a sour taste in my mouth. Basically it said that rich people can get away with anything.

I can’t say I liked anybody in the whole book. I didn't care for Blomkvist – I won’t be surprised if he gets an STD at some point - and couldn't relate to Salander. I felt really bad for her and at times rooted for her but didn’t care much for either. I have to say though that I was amused that the author chose Blomkvist for the textbook TSTL behavior - what would a TSTL character do after finding out who's the evil villain? Go to the murderer's house without a plan, without a weapon, at night, without telling anybody! Most authors would have casted the woman in that role so I was glad the author broke the mold here.

Simon Vance did a good job as the narrator. He was a bit weak with the women - some of them sounded really alike - but I particularly liked his Blomkvist voice. There was something about it that said 'conceited and cynical' which was how I saw him.

Most likely I’ll finish the trilogy but I’m definitely not in a rush to read them now.