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Crossed (Matched, #2) - Ally Condie,  Kate Simses,  Jack Riccobono

If I were running away and found myself having to brave the elements for the first time in my life, reciting poetry would be the last thing on my mind, no matter how much I liked it. Unlike the people in this book, I would be more concerned with the possibility of a bear eating my ass so I would focus all my energies in figuring out how to get the fuck out of this alive.

This book was BORING. Most of the action dealt with various groups of people walking back and forth over canyons and thinking about poetry. Even though Ky and Cassia were running away from the Society – which must be an incredibly powerful foe if they had controlled people for so long – and other people were dying, there wasn’t a feeling of danger, as if they knew they were the main characters of a book and that the author wouldn’t kill them off. As I’m starting to expect with the current rash of dystopias, the world building was really anemic and improbable. We learned about several groups opposing the Society, including the Farmers, the Rising and the Enemy. This last one was the silliest one because their goal seems to be to kill aberrations that the Society puts in their path. We don’t know who they are, what they stand for, why do they go along with the Society’s schemes, etc.

This is the first alternating narration I’ve listened where I actually preferred the female’s interpretation of the male character. Jack Riccobono has a nice voice and he could do different characters well but he sounded a bit whiny and maudlin when narrating Ky’s thoughts and feelings. Of course, Cassia only saw only what he wanted to show her and never had to deal with his insecurities so maybe that’s why he seemed stronger when Kate Simses narrated him. Regardless, I had to switch to print at about the 80% point because I feared that I wouldn’t finish it otherwise.

I don’t know if I care enough about either of them to finish the trilogy. If I do, I will definitely switch to print because the sappy prose is just murder in audio.