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The Mysterious Affair at Styles - David Suchet, Agatha Christie This is not Agatha Christie's best book - how could it be? After all, this is the first book she published - but it features her trademark style: logical plots, an insightful but sometimes clueless narrator, lots of great misdirection and very witty characters. I laughed out loud a lot while listening to this book.Having David Suchet as the narrator was simply wonderful. He has such a beautiful voice and such amazing diction but we never get to hear the real thing because (obviously) he's always as Poirot in the movies. All characters were just perfect and he sounded so easy in the reading, maybe because he knows the work so well. Hastings was just amazing (that range of emotion!) and Poirot was, of course, perfect (whenever Poirot spoke, I could see Suchet in my head.) I'm soo looking forward to listening to the rest of her backlist. :)