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The Prophet - Kahlil Gibran, Paul Sparer, Becky Ann Baker This is a provisional 3-star rating. I feel that although pleasant, the audio is not the best medium to enjoy this book because it doesn't give you time to think and this book definitely needs to be digested slowly so you can understand the teachings.As an agnostic I don't have any use for the God parts but I'm more interested in the philosophical thoughts. There were things I agreed and others where I didn't, but I definitely need to revisit them to formulate my thoughts more cohesively.The narrator did a good job with the narration - he has a deep voice, a bit 'God-like' so it was appropriate. This is not a fiction book so there was no need to have different characters so I cannot evaluate him on that. My problems with the audio have nothing to do with him but more with the nature of the book.