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Slow build into a great romance!

On the Edge  - Renée Raudman, Ilona Andrews

I've started this book several times and for some reason I had problems continuing it. But I'm really glad I was able to push through the beginning because I ended up loving it.

On the Edge is the story of Rose and Declan, two somewhat similar people from really different backgrounds. Rose is barely scrapping by while Declan is a noble from 'the Weird' a magical land in a parallel universe. Their relationship starts with lots of sparks, which usually would have been rolling my eyes, but Rose in particular had A LOT of reasons to distrust him. They are both normal people who had to bridge a whole lifetime of experiences to look past the surface and really see the other and this discovery was simply wonderful. And I loved how they listened to each other and were able to accept a different point of view. This turned out to be a really romantic relationship, which I'd never expected at the beginning.It took me a little bit to get used to Renee Raudman's narration...don't know why because her voice is pleasant, her male voices are adequate and she doesn't have the self-important staccato tone that I detect in some PNR/UF narrations. But I got past whatever I didn't like soon enough and I was able to really enjoy her narration.

This book is not as steamy as the PNR I'm used to but the slow build is definitely worth it because the relationship is the most romantic for it.