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An average listen

Midnight Awakening - Hillary Huber, Lara Adrian

A really average read - the characters in this series are really interchangeable. They all seem alike with no distinguishing characteristics besides their accents.

I don't know how or why these two fell in love. They seem distant during the whole book and at some point they hopped in bed and started to proclaim their ever ending love. Both had been mated before but they never talked to each other about their mates, except for Tegan to explain how he lost his. He kept referring to her a 'sweet girl' so you got the impression he was talking about a mare.

At some point, the heroine mentions how being with Tegan makes her 'whole again' even though her son had been killed 4 months before. Huh? Earth to Miss Adrian but a woman who loses a child (specially in these circumstances) will NEVER be whole again.

Ms. Huber does a good job with the narration although she's deliberate enough that I can speed it up and still follow what's going on.

Not continuing the series.