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Not as dark as I expected

Never Seduce a Scot - Maya Banks, Kirsten Potter

Never Seduce a Scot was a cute listen but not as dark as I expected. Given the enmities of the two clans and Eveline's disability, I thought this was going to be a really dark read but it didn't turn out like that.

Eveline is deaf because of an accident but nobody in her clan knows. Instead, she's let them believe she's "daft" because she wanted to avoid marriage to an undesirable man. How she was able to perpetrate such a deception is unbelievable specially because she was very close to her family and you have to be a extremely good actress to make your family believe such a thing when they know you so well. It's almost crazy to believe that this was the only way for her to get away from that marriage and that nobody would discover her ruse in 3 years.

Besides Eveline's deafness, the main issue in the book is the conflict between the two clans. Graeme is a nice man that takes to Eveline immediately and champions her even when he doesn't know she's all there. The only distinctive thing about him is that he's circumspect to whom he beds (no man whore!) and he's very reasonable. I just didn't feel that much for him.

The conflict was resolved very easily - I would have expected it to take years for the clans to get to trust one another - and the villain was very convenient.

Kirsten Potter did a great job with the Scottish accents. I usually object when the narrator in a Historical set in Europe has an American accent (I mean really) but it didn't bother me as much this time. Ms. Potter's narration tend to be on the deliberate side so sometimes I had it at 1.5X or 2X speed and I could understand what was going on.

I'm not sure if I'll continue the series, I guess it depends on the plot of the next book.