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Bad combination of PNR tropes

Primal Law (Alpha Pack Series #1) - J. D. Tyler,  Narrated by Kirsten Potter

There are few things I find sillier than books that haphazardly mix popular romance tropes. The thought process goes something like this: “if readers like heroes that are shifters, Navy SEALs, have psychic powers, belong to a brotherhood of men fighting evil and have fated mates, wouldn’t they love a hero who is/has ALL of the above?” **eye roll** I know it’s fantasy but to take a story seriously, I need to see some internal logic.Kyra meets Jax after he saves her from an attack. After learning his secret, she’s quickly ensconced to the compound where she’s offered a job. Kyra takes to the paranormal in stride and without any knowledge of the situation, she quickly starts bossing people around regarding the care of some creatures there. Of course, her caring disposition works miracles. *snorts*

This series also has my most hated trope: the man who needs the woman to survive but she doesn’t need him back (meaning, if she doesn’t have him, he kicks the bucket/suffers for eternity.) I don’t know why this is so popular in PNR. I thought in this day and age we all agreed that coercion and enslavement weren’t good things in relationships.

Even though I wasn’t crazy about Primal Law (understatement of the year!), I’m intrigued about the way it ended so I may pick up the next one.