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Feral Sins  - Suzanne  Wright I enjoyed some parts of this book but got tired of all the smart ass comments from the heroine - some were really funny but at some point it was just overkill. I also wasn't very convinced with the whole idea of 'the hero doesn't know how to love because his parents weren't demonstrative.' There are lots of way to show love - my parents are very devoted to me and my siblings but they are not gushy at all. They demonstrate their love with actions (like the hero's mother who left with him when his father banished him, even though it was extremely difficult for her to leave her mate.) The hero also had great friends who supported and loved him (and he obviously loved them back) so that business of 'I didn't know what it is to love until I met you' rang false. The book was extremely hot though, specially in audio - the narrator definitely showed some gusto during the love scenes (so to speak.) I'll definitely listen to the next in the series.