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Boring with a capital Z

No Graves As Yet (World War One Series, #1) - Anne Perry, Michael Page

This book was boring with a capital Z.

The audiobook felt as if it was 24 hrs. long instead of 12 – not the fault of the narrator (which was pretty good) but because the way the book was structured. There were only 15 chapters going from 35 min. to 1 hr. in length and a good chunk of them were dedicated to long, repetitive monologues from almost every imaginable character about the horribleness of War. We hear about it from one of the victims, the students, the teachers, the police, the barmaids, even the VILLAINS, for goodness’ sake! I think all that harping was completely unnecessary as any person with two brain cells can figure out on their own the terrible consequences of war.

But I guess if the long monologues weren’t there, the mystery would have been done in 100 pgs. The first monologue told me all I needed to know about the murders (who and why). Obviously I wouldn’t have expected Joseph to figure it out because there wasn’t any proof, but it bugged me that some of the tangible clues to the murders were in his face and he only applied himself at the end. Before that, he’s pretty much meandering about, being hurt when people implied that his father was delusional or wondering why he didn’t know that somebody intended to murder someone. I mean, WTF? I didn’t know that being in the Church meant you could read minds or that your father was never wrong.

Anyhow, I’ve read enough of this author (15+ books) to give the series another chance (but not anytime soon.) I’m very interested in that time period and it was interesting to read about the turmoil in Europe in the early 20th century.

If you’re new to the author, I wouldn’t recommend this book to start though. It may bore you to death.