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Exciting but not as emotional as I hoped

Trapped  - Luke Daniels, Kevin Hearne


As usual, this was exciting book, full of interesting action and unexpected twists but I got mad by the way the business with Atticus and Granuaile got resolved. When I read a book in the first person, I expect to know something about that person's emotions but the author spent more time on wisecracks that on really revealing Atticus' feelings.


I don't know why I keep getting disappointed with the continued lack of emotional disclosure by Atticus. It's clear that the author is just not going there with him. At first I thought the author didn't want to alienate the male audience by getting "mushy" but now I'm starting to believe the author is just not capable to take his characters in that direction. I won't blame this on the author being a guy because men are capable of developing badass male characters with emotional depth (see Barry Eisler and John Rain). Please note I'm not upset because the love scenes were the fade to black type but because there wasn't any discussion about his feelings. If you've loved a woman for a long, long time and you finally get to have her, I expect to hear at least a "Yay!!" to convey how you feel about the situation.

Atticus has tons of potential but I feel as if there's a wall between this inner core and the way he behaves in public that not even the reader can see. At some point, he tells Granuiele that after a person gets to a certain age he starts acting in front of others and it seems this "acting" extends to the reader. Which is weird to me because if you want to keep an important side of your character completely hidden, why write in the first person?

One thing I liked about their relationship was that once he wasn't her instructor, he treated her like an adult and allowed her to make her own decisions. He didn't go all caveman or pretended that he had all the answers. He gave her the lowdown and once she made her choice, there wasn't any boorish behavior (see why I say he has potential?)

Right now I'm feeling like giving up on the series but I know that once it gets closer to the release of the next book, I'll be sure to change my mind.